Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Beach Road Reserve Playground Whangamata - A Sequel

Beach Road Reserve Playground Whangamata - a new era - photo ASB  22 October 2016

Further on the Beach Road Playground at Whangamata - a sequel to the other two blogs. The playground that was demolished quickly rose up out of the relics of ground and soil , said to have had input from local schoolchildren and play centre children into its design. The playground evidently was officially opened on 21 October last week - just before what is known in New Zealand as Labour Weekend - the school children invited to take part and the traditional sausage sizzle. Unfortunately due to a hospital operation was unable to attend this fun occasion. 
Now there is a new wooden boat vessel - looks grand -  no doubt there will be future stories passed down of imaginary adventures across the sea and perhaps pirates or imaginary visitors to these shores. There is also a grand swing, a sort of metal contrivance and some rather gorgeous palm frond type umbrellas - similar to what we see at some Pacific Island resort.
A new era for this beach reserve area at Whangamata and one that no doubt we will continue to visit with our children, grandchildren and other family to enjoy the beach and all it has to offer. Including a seat where one can " while the time and watch the boats come in."    Yes can see there will be future stories of this playground and maybe the school children who helped design the new additions - and in the future it will still be a part of the past NZ History with memories and stories. For playgrounds are an integral part of the past history -  the very fabric of who we are and the things that make our history and culture.
Beach Road Reserve Playground Whangamata looking at the boat vessel - photo ASB 22 October 2016