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Family Names part of the past New Zealand and Overseas

Orchids passed around family members and friends - photo courtesy Chris Ball

Found a couple of hundred years ago my families I descended from seemed to have large families - lots of siblings and if a wife died it was another and even more siblings. These siblings of course, got married and in my family tree looked at , as it exists today, I can see many different surnames, many cousins spread across New Zealand and overseas. There would have been large family gatherings back then of nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts. Typical of all of us.

Now DNA testing is " all the rage" in genealogy and family history.  Through testing can discover one’s own DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy. Have found can go back a long way, to origins out of other continents – Ancient Persia, Asia, Africa. Many of my families being 
seafarers, farmers and traders originally, have spread their roots across the world.DNA Detectives,a television programme on TV One, New Zealand, currently traces families of some well – known personalities across the world.

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 With Internet proving most useful for family history research, find can look up a  website that gives some meanings and origins of  the many surnames - The Internet Surname Database
Anderson -  Sweden , Knowhead Scotland, New Zealand
Angus - Dumbarton, Scotland, South America
Arndell - Herefordshire England, New South Wales Australia
Bagnall - England, Prince Edward Island Canada, New Zealand
Barr -      Scotland, New Zealand
Bennett - England, Australia
Berghan – Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
Black -      Scotland, New Zealand
Borthwick - Scotland, England, New Zealand
Buckland - England, New Zealand
Cains – England , Australia, New Zealand
Carr -    New Zealand
Chalmers - Australia, Fiji
Clark -  New Zealand
Cleland - Glasgow Scotland,
Colebrook - England, New Zealand
Collins - England, Australia, New Zealand
Cooke -  Ireland, New Zealand
Corbett - England, New Zealand
Craig -    Scotland, New Zealand
Davis –    England, Australia, New Zealand
Durrieu – France, England, New Zealand
Ellis –      Scotland, England, Australia,  New Zealand
Forsyth -  Scotland, New Zealand
Fowler -    Scotland, England, New Zealand
Gibb -      Glasgow Scotland, USA, New Zealand
Gibbs -     New Zealand
Gray -      Scotland, England, New Zealand
Gorrie -    Perthshire, Scotland, New Zealand
Grono -     Wales, Australia
Gunion -   Glasgow Scotland , New Zealand
Hally -      Auchterarder, Scotland, New Zealand
Hanna -     Ireland, New Zealand
Hansen -    England, Australia, New Zealand
Harper -     England, Australia
Hollis -       New Zealand
Houston -   Ireland, New Zealand
Hughes -    England, Australia
Jackson -   Yorkshire, England, New Zealand
King –       Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand
Kirk -         Scotland, New Zealand
Kisielowski - Poland, England, USA, Australia, New Zealand
Litchfield - England, New Zealand, Australia
Lyons -      France, England, Australia
Macfarlane -  Larnarkshire  Scotland, England, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Jamaica
Martin -   Scotland, New Zealand
Matthews - England, New Zealand
McNaughtan - Scotland
McRae -    Scotland, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand
Mobbs –    England , Australia
Monro –    Scotland, New Zealand
Moody  -   Scotland , New Zealand
Morton –    Scotland, England,  New Zealand, Australia
Murray –     Scotland, New Zealand
Pierce  -      Scotland, England, New Zealand
Reid  -       Glasgow , Scotland
Ring    -      Guernsey, Australia, New Zealand
Robertson   Scotland, Australia, New Zealand
Russell         Ireland, New Zealand, England
Stevenson    Scotland, New Zealand
Stewart        Perthshire Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, South America
Stewart        France, Larnarkshire Scotland, New Zealand, Australia
Stewart        France,  Bute Scotland, New Zealand
Thomson      Scotland, New Zealand
Tod              Scotland, New Zealand, USA
Tunks           England, Australia, New Zealand
Upton          England, New Zealand
Vickerman   England, New Zealand, Australia
Wall            Scotland, New Zealand
Whyte         Scotland, England,  New Zealand
White          Ireland , Scotland, England, USA , New Zealand
Williams      England, New Zealand
Wilson        Scotland, England, New Zealand
Woods        England, Australia, New Zealand

 Many family came by sea, arriving to settle in the early years of European settlement. The first of these settlers to Australasia was William Tunks ( AKA Tonks) a marine aboard the flagship of the First Fleet - the HMS Sirius.

 A number arrived on New Zealand shores between 1820 and 1860 so are regarded as early settlers.

 Many came because of occupation and some were involved with the construction of railways  and roading in New Zealand, South America and USA. Places that before this were raw land.  From those early days family numbers have grown through the decades to what there is now in 2017.

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